Modi v/s Rahul


Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi are both going out of their way to reach the coveted seat of the Prime Minister (PM). This is graphical representation of how successful their campaigns are turning out to be by analysing their popularity amongst various classes and regions.

Their overall popularity runs neck to neck, with a huge chunk of the population wanting neither of them at the top seat. Modi takes a slight lead with respondents who reside in the cities ; while more than half the rural respondents were rooting for Congress. What was contrasting was that while 30% of the urban respondents didn’t want either of the two , in rural india this number was as small as 6%.

The wounds of the 2002 riots were still fresh , as was evident by the fact that only 20% of the muslims chose Modi as their preferential prime ministerial candidate.

When these statistics were mapped region-wise , Modi came out tops everywhere with the exception of West-India. This came as a shocker as he was expected to be the prime candidate from Gujarat. But in reality, only 36% of Gujaratis wanted him to take the reigns in 2014  He had a clear lead over Rahul in states in the North, East and South India.

A lot of Madhya Pradesh and Orissa respondents  wanted regional leaders to rule the country and a smaller majority wanted Rahul or Modi.

We will have to wait till the 2014 polls to see how accurate this survey was. In either case , What the nation really wants to know is how true both these ‘leaders’ stay to their promises once they are elected.

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